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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

D. Frank Designs Furniture Fashion Show - Intro

I was the first to come out of the elevator for this furniture fashion show and wow was I totally nervous waiting behind the doors just before! It sounded like hundreds of people just on the other side! There was no practice run--was just told to "look sexy" on designer furniture. I turned around and saw all my girlfriends smiling at me as they sat on their fancy furniture waiting for me to take my turn. Suddenly the elevator bell rang and the doors opened! Something came over me and my anxiety switched into a wild rush of excitement! I felt like I had my very own stage for a few brief moments and was free to get a little crazy! I wanted to entertain the audience but only had a few seconds to come up with something fun. Thank god that champagne we were drinking backstage finally kicked in! And okay, I admit it... it was pretty fun being swung around in a luggage carrier by two cute bellhops! When I jumped off the chair I saw the flashing lights of many camera men waiting for me to come closer, so I just tried to have fun with it and dance it up a bit! Funny thing is towards the end I was wishing I could have stayed out there a little longer and danced more! Whoever was filming this missed the part of me bouncing on the chair as I was exited bouncing up and down!!! Natalia came out next and then the rest of the Scandalesque girls followed. Wish I had more footage of the other girls and my second performance...can I even call it a performance? I hired Andy Hartmark to film the entire show with professional cams, not sure what ever happened--maybe one of these days we'll see the full version :)

D Frank Furniture Designs, Fashion by Desiato, MUA: Sina Urias,
@Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts

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