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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cool Herbs

As a vegetarian I try to find new ways to be as healthy as possible.  Maybe because I'm somewhat more aware of what I put into my body due to having to avoid meat over the past 9 years. Regardless, it's been an interesting road and a fun challenge being a veggie head.  I've also been researching a lot of "effective" herbs and ask a lot of my health-nut friends questions on looking younger and living longer.  Here are some of my latest findings:

Rhodiola Rosea:  I was told this herb works as a natural dopamine in your body, working to make you feel "happier" and helping you handle stress better.  It's also designed to help with mental clarity (God knows I could use that).  I was recommended to use Gaia brand, to find out more go to their link: Gaia Brand Rhodiola

Inca Maca Root:  I knew about this herb from a few years back but was reacquainted with it the past year.  I remember when I first started taking it was because I was searching for something that would help with stamina and energy levels.  I was quite surprised to also find that not only did it give me a ton of energy but it made me extremely "randy" yes, as in Austin Powers, it produces a super high libido!  It also balances hormonal levels, rebuilds week immune systems, and re-mineralizes poorly nourished bodies. I've been taking this brand Magic Maca which comes straight from the Andes Mountains in Peru.  The most important thing is that it's actual "Inca" Maca from what I'm told.  I'm looking into getting the herb from an herb shop to see if it's more cost effective.

Curcumin:  There's a lot folks around the world that eat a ton of curry in their meals, many of which reside in places like India and Thailand.  A lot of these cultures do not suffer with certain ailments like Alzheimer's, cancer,  arthritis, which are all highly prevalent diseases in the US.  The reason being is that these diseases are a product of inflamed cells in the body.  Turmeric is the main ingredient found in curry and is the responsible agent for helping calm inflammation and detoxifies the body.  Curcumin is a super condensed form of turmeric and helps with detoxifying your liver as well as any oxidative damage. You can pick up a bottle at any health food store.

Miso/Fermented Soy:  I asked what is one thing that will keep you really healthy and young.  Several health gurus said Fermented soy aka Miso.  They said the Japanese know all about sustaining their health through this supplement, that's why they have the famous Miso soup!  Just do a little research on it yourself and you'll see that it even has been counterbalancing radiation poisoning. You can buy fermented soy at almost any health food store or Whole Foods, Sunflower Market, Sprouts etc. I've been mixing it in a lot of dishes and it tastes great!

Sutherlandia Frutescens: Is a powerful blood purifier.  Sources say that it has the potential to totally alkaline the body, meaning that it will abliterate inflammation in the body including cancer and even HIV.  You want your body to live in a PH balanced alkaline state.  If your body is too acidic you will be more likely to harvest disease.  Sutherlandia is hard to order in the US because its a plant only harvested in South Africa.

Mucuna Pruriens: Is used in a lot of Ayurvedic Medicine. Helps with sexual function, hormonal balance, depression, and management of Parkinson's Disease. This herb contains L-DOPA, a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. The L-DOPA content increases when extracts are prepared.  L-DOPA converts into dopamine, an important brain chemical involved in mood, sexuality, and movement.

PGX: Helps with digestion, balancing blood sugar levels and weightloss.  It's recommended to take ten minutes prior to eating sugary foods in order for the body to not store unnecessary fats and sugars.

Castor Oil Packs:  I first heard about this from Edgar Cayce.  If you're not sure who Edgar Cayce is, I suggest you look him up, he cured over ten-thousand people through his use of holistic health practices.  My friend recommended these packs for the tons of knots I have in my back, he says they will totally melt them out of my body, I'm excited to see if it actually works.  The process is slightly messy but for what it does and all the aliments that it has so far cured, it's definitely worth a try.  You can find out how to make a pack from the Cayce site.  I was able to purchase everything from Whole Foods, as far as the flannel and the castor oil.

Since I mentioned a lot of info on alkalizing the body for treatment of diseases like cancer, I think it's also important to know about Dr.Tullio Simoncini. He explains that cancer is basically a fungus in the body and is treatable through sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda. To learn more about this process go to  his site.