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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's it all Mean?

Once, at the age of 12, I yelled with all my might out to the Universe, demanding to know who this God was that I had been praying to my whole child life and questioned if "he" really existed. Right before I fell asleep, I fiercely asked out loud..."SHOW ME WHO YOU ARE, I want to see you, show me your face, who are you and why am I praying to you?!" Then that night I had a dream, one that I vividly remember till this day. It almost feels like an actual memory that strangely all came back to me years later after it had happened.

In this so-called dream a beautiful being of pure white light graced me with it's presence. I couldn't remember seeing a detailed face only the gleaming light of decadent white energy in the form of a human body. We walked into what was my backyard at the time and then shot straight up into the night air like a lightening-fast bullet! I then began to softly float like a feather into what looked like a crystal city of lights; I felt so comfortable there--even more so than any home I have ever had here on Earth. I was then brought to a panel of a few other light people who I stood before. They were sitting perfectly spaced apart from one another, again there were no distinct faces just that fine gleaming light.  They gave me some very important information telepathically but I can't exactly remember what they said or really what happened next. I only recall my descend back again into my 12 year old world.  My traveling glow-friend and I went back the same way we came, shooting straight down just as quickly as we had gone up.  I am sure we departed sweetly from each other too but everything seems like such a blur at that point.  The last thing that flashes to mind was when I woke up from the dream after only a few hours of being asleep... those moments felt like pure joy and ecstasy because I was consciously awake and still high from the heavenly experience I had just encountered. My throat even felt scratchy from all the salt water I had been swallowing due to the buckets of tears pouring out of my eyes and into my mouth and nose. I laid there streaming these joyful tears for what seemed like hours. Even my pillow was drenched on both sides where my cheeks laid and I couldn't stop smiling--felt like the widest smile I had ever made in this life!

So did I get to meet "God" in another dimension or did I just have one wild sleep time? I am not 100 percent sure. However, over the years I have heard of similar occurrences but only in instances of near death. I have read quite a few books and articles on the subjects of Near Death Experiences (NDE's) and "lives in between lives" in search of some answers. Many of the testimonies share similar meetings with these faceless light folks who comforted them after bad car wrecks or were standing along side their hospital bed as soon as they flat-lined and "crossed-over".  I would love to know if there are any others out there who have ever experienced something similar to my situation.  Debating being hypnotized and brought back to that moment of when I met with those entities to find out what they might have told me.

Saturday, July 18, 2015