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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tonight's Dream

Wow...Where do I begin?  A dream has no beginning or end.

I never remember my dreams, not in their entirety like this usually.  Not where I'm compelled to sit down and write about it on facebook or a blog for that matter!  Wow, so where do I begin?

In the first part of the dream I was busy being chased by mall security and crazy government agents for a long time for some reason--that part is already starting to fade now since it's 5am and I had the start of the dream about 5 hours ago.  Somewhere along the line while on the run I was in a train, the type of train where you can pass from car to car.  I noticed as I peered into the next car ahead I could see hands fogging up the glass door.  I was somewhat frightened because I automatically felt the people in the car ahead were in distress, many of them.  I explained to the people that I was with that I didn't really want to travel any further.  Suddenly, a person from the crowd ahead came over to me in a panic!  He automatically scared me because his face looked as if it was rotting from the beginning stages of radiation poison. He said he had been hiding along with all those other people for about a day but that he knew where his car was and where "they" were hiding all the keys.  I am confused about this part but feel that it has relation to the beginning of my dream.  Anyway, more of these people/zombies started approaching me...they were full of anxiety and pain, lost, and without hope.

Somehow, I was able to see a passage of light, literally and figuratively amongst the situation I was in.  We didn't seem to be moving at this point at all.  I remember wanting to just walk up to the sunlight because I knew it would be comforting to me... I then began to feel very brave at that point.  I had a feeling that all these people who felt half alive and half dead would also feel some ease if they just felt a little of this light as well.  The first person that I asked to walk with me was the guy that originally walked up to me in a panic.  I asked him to simply lay down in the sunlight, thankfully he trusted every word I said.  His badly disfigured body then began to fade into thin air as he soaked in all the light.  I was talking to him and told him everything would be okay in the process, that he would be fine.  At this point I began to feel a sense of joy and even more confidence.  I told him I loved him just as his lips were the last thing to go, fading as he mouthed the words that he loved me back.  An older lady then approached me who was a little nervous but I assured her that she too had nothing to worry about.  I had her lay down into the sunlight as well and she began to quickly fade in the same way.  She then appeared to me right after but as a totally brand new version of herself, this time glowing and with a huge smile.  She showed me that she could morph her face anyway that she wanted but chose the one that she was most use to.  She then gave me a quick vision that had a great impact for me to see on a personal level.  She shared, in images, that I was her little Native American warrior.  She drew out a cartoon version of me as a girl, a simple white lined drawing with a tall feather sticking up out the back of my head and two tiny fangs sticking out of my mouth.  I thought it was endearing that she saw me as her new found hero and thought so highly of me;  I felt blessed by her gratitude.

I continued the desire to want to help others and then immediately noticed two babies that were sitting side by side.  They were definitely the scariest out of all the souls that I was dealing with.  They seemed even younger than toddlers but were talking as if they had been around for many years. I was able to pick them both up with my hands at the same time because they were so lightweight due to hardly having any flesh on their bones.  As they both laid in my palms they began to feel uncomfortable about the situation ahead.  Part of them wanted to go back into the shadows where they were most comfortable (just like everyone else) and were excessively whining about coming with me.  I assured them they would be better off even though I continued to feel them shuffling around and kicking as I was handing them over to the light.  Then, they too began to fade as soon as I sat them in the light, transforming into beautifully bright apparitions that smiled back at me.  I believe this continued to happen a few more times with other souls as the dream went on and until I woke up, but the most I memorable part of this dream was the middle, where everything I just shared took place.
Upon waking from this dream, I can't help but realize the amazing metaphors and visual analogies discovered within what I just experienced.  Some would probably equate what I endured as a nightmare, but as I see it, through it all there was so much beauty and love that transitioned anything dark into light towards the end.
I'm looking forward to experiencing the actual real sunlight once it begins to emerge in the next hour or so...

This dream reminded me of a quote that I fell in love with along time ago that goes something like this: "Love is the beauty that smashes the darkness..."

I still can't believe I am up this hour.

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